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Create a circle of trust and attention around your brand

4 minutes read

Video is nowadays a wildly popular and effective medium to convey your message to the world. From fun animation videos, an explainer video in which you tell viewers what it is you do to professionally directed films: you can turn any story into a crowd-puller if you tackle the project properly. But only aiming for a few likes will definitely not get you there just yet!

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4 must do's before you upload your video on LinkedIn!

7 minutes read

Stories have been around since the beginning of time. Why? Because every story plays with our imagination. This is reflected in fairy tales, legends and of course also movies and series. It is no coincidence that the term binge-watching has become so normal these days that you would almost expect to find it in the dictionary. Once you are sucked into an excellent movie or episode, it becomes exceedingly hard to stop watching. And this is exactly what you should try to achieve with your video!

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